FHS Band

Fairland High School Marching Band 2021-22

Marching Band Schedule 2022

All Home Games:
Be in your Pregame spot on the practice field at 5:30.
Game should be over between 9:30-10:00

practice after school M,T,W,TH Next WEEK

Sept 23  Band Room Opens 5:00 for Gallia Academy  Return Apx 11:00          . 
Sept 24  Band Room Opens 2:30 Sat, for the Apple Festival -- return Late  11:30-12 
               We will stop at McDonald's on the way there and back. We will leave the Trailer packed on Friday Night
Sept 30  Band Room open by 5:00  -- Start on the field at 5:30
Oct 7      Band Room open by 5:00  -- Travel to Portsmouth return about 11
 Oct 10   Huntington Fire Parade -- Band Room open by 5:00 
Oct 13     Proctorville Fire Parade -- Be at the Playground ready to play at 6:15 (1 Bus Only)
Oct 14     Band Room open by 5:00  -- Start on the field at 5:30
Oct 21     Band Room open by 5:00  -- Start on the field at 5:30
Oct 29    Playoff Game TBA -- and every Friday until we lose


6th Grade Band Information for the 22-23 School Year
Sources for Beginning Instruments  
State Contest -- Wright State University
Congratulations FHS Concert Band Superior Rating at State Contest

Class Night Performance Tuesday, May 24th
Required performance for High School and 8th Grade Band Students
Students need to be in their chair ready to play at 5:30
We will be finished apx 6:15

Graduation Performance  Friday, May 27th
Required performance for High School and 8th Grade Band Students
Students need to be in their chair ready to play at 6:30
We will be finished apx 7:15

Marching Band Rehearsal: 
     July 25 - 7,8,9th Grade members. Marching Fundamentals 8-12
     July 27 - Everyone 8-12 Music Rehearsal

Middle School All-District Auditions

Grace Miller - 1st Chair Flute
Samara Freeman - 2nd Chair Flute
Brityn Frasher 5th Chair Flute
Emma Baird 3rd Chair Clarinet
Annie Chen 7th Chair Clarinet
Aubrey Hager 13th Chair Clarinet
Mitchell Dunlap 2nd Chair Alto Saxophone
Sam Dunfee 4th Chair Trumpet
Emilee Evanach 12th Chair Trumpet
Braxton Elliott 14th Chair trumpet

Solo & Ensemble: Congratulations, Everyone got a Superior Rating!
Lauren Dunsmore - Class A Flute:  Concertino, Op 107 - Chaminade 
Lauren Watts - Class C Flute: Bergamask - Koepke
Evan King - Class C Tenor Saxophone: Romance and Troika Prokofiev
William Baird - Class B Trumpet: Gaelic Suite - Fitzgerald
Corinna Clagg - Clas C Euphonium - Sarbande and Gavotta - Corelli
Madison Wilson - Class A Euphonium - Introduction and Dance - Barat

All-County Auditions:
HS Results: HS AC 2022.docx -- Complete list
Flutes: Lauren Dunsmore -1, Lauren Watts-3rd, Elizabeth Barker 5, Emily Riggio 7, Siera Pemberton 10, Lauren Wiley -11th
Clarinet: Olivia Combs 4th, Isabella Kimball 5th, Madison McKinley 8th
Alto Saxophone: Melanie Pine 1st
Tenor Saxophone: Evan King 1st
Trumpet: Will Baird 1st, Emma Turnbull 5th, Evan Miller 6, Andrew Smith 8, Kathryn Bell 10th
Trombone: Devin Turley 2nd, Ethan Wiley 8
Euphonium: Madison Wilson 2nd, Cameron Gaither 3, Corina Clagg 5th
Tuba: Alex Gaither 1st, Dillon Collins 3rd
Snare Ethan Blatt 2nd, Mallets: Ethan Blatt 3

Rehearsal March 7 6-9
Rehearsal & Concert March 8 9- end of concert  (7-:30 ish

MS Results: MS AC 2022.docx  Complete MS List
Flute: Samara Freeman 1st, Grace Miller 3rd, Brityn Frasher 4th
Clarinet: Annie Chinn 1st, Aubrey Hager 3rd, Emma Baird 4th
Alto Saxophone: Mitchell Dunlap 2nd
Trumpet: Sam Dunfee 1st, Braxton Elliott 4th, Emily Evanich 6th
Euphonium: Memphis Hoover -3rd

All District Band Audition Results:  District 17 Honor Band - List of Students 2022.pdf
Lauren Dunsmore 1st Flute
Elizabeth Barker  9th Flute
Emily Riggio 11th Flute
Lauren Watts 12th Flute
Melanie Pine 4th Alto Saxophone
Evan King  2nd Tenor Saxophone
Will Baird 2nd Trumpet
Katy Bell  5th Trumpet
Devin Turley  4th Trombone
Madison Wilson 2nd Euphonium
Dillon Collins 4th Tuba
Ethan Blatt 2nd Percussion

Congrats to All

Video of the Christmas Concert is available to download via this link 

 Capital University Honor Band Selected Students:
          Lauren Dunsmore, Flute
          Madison Wilson, Euphonium

    OMEA South Central All-Region Orchestra
          Lauren Dunsmore, Flute 

Band Boosters  July 11, 2022  7:00 (HS Band Room -
                Use Back Band Room Door)


6th Grade Band 2021-22

  1. beglet2021.pdf   (Information and registration Form)
  2. Beginning Band Instruments 2021.pdf  (Info on Beginning Instrument rental/purchase)

Middle School Band Classes: 2022-23 Supply List
     6th Grade students need an instrument (By Sept 7th, necessary Accessories, (Reeds, Valve Oil, Sticks Mallets)
                                          and Essential Elements Book 1) 
    7th Grade Students:  need necessary Accessories, (Reeds, Valve Oil, Sticks Mallets)
                                       and Essential Elements Book 1. You will need Book 2 sometime in September. Get it NOW
                                       Students also need a 1/2inch 3 ring binder
      8th Grade Students: need necessary Accessories, (Reeds, Valve Oil, Sticks Mallets)  
                                          Essential Elements Book 2, you will need book 3 soon (Mid Sept. estimate)
                                         Students also need a 1/2inch 3 ring binder

              (Soloist on all band instruments!! and other useful Videos)

 Files for Download                             

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