Dragon's Eye

Dragon's Eye

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 officers!

President/Executive Producer:
Steven Rhodes

Vice-President/Production Manager:
Mason Ward

Cierra Lyon

Alec Cyrus

Student Culture Director:
Mitchell Spitzer

Student Athletic Director:
Cooper Cummings

Graphics Director:
Cole Lucas

Equipment Manager:
Trace Newsome

Dragon's Eye is an inclusive platform to inform and promote important information and school-related events to students and fans in hopes of encouraging school spirit and involvement.

In this club, we are kind and accepting of one another's ideas and opinions. We will actively participate free of judgement in a creatively safe space.

Goals of the club

  • Provide students and parents easy access to Fairland-related news, activities, and events. 

  • Grant students a platform to express important information appropriately about current events in the world, including days/holidays.

  • Give a platform to clubs and sports to promote their activities and events to students and parents. 

  • Provide a platform for students to create fun and interactive videos that can be presented during the morning news.

  • Expand Fairland’s media to encourage inclusivity while promoting school spirit.

Club Activities

  1. Creating graphics that will be presented on FHS News or on school social media. 

  2. Researching and discussing important events (sport game, club event, Beta Club fundraiser, etc) and implementing notable statistics and information into the morning news script.

  3. Filming or streaming sporting events, student section, an athlete interview, club officer interview, pep assembly, etc. to present to the news (potentially get out of a class to go and film if approved.)

  4. Editing a video about a relevant topic to present to the news for promotional purposes.

  5. Members can work together or by themselves depending on their desired project.


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