MU Festival Band

MU Festival Band

Festival Band Selections

 Marshall High School Festival Band Selections: 2020
Will Baird Trumpet 
Marshall High School Festival Band Selections: 2019
Kaleigh Rummel Flute
  Macenzie Simmons Flute
  Adriana Clagg Soprano Clarinet
Pam Williams Soprano Clarinet 
Bailey Frasher Soprano Clarinet Taylor
Drummod Bass Clarinet 
Scotty Ferrell Alto Saxophone
  Samir Atai Alto Saxophone
Jonathan Elliott Baritone (Bass Clef)
Eva Rhodes  Horn
Haydyn Galloway Horn
Skyley Cleary Trombone
Devin Turley Trombone   
Caleb Kretzer Percussion   
Marshall High School Festival Band Selections: 2017

Ashton Killen, Alto Saxophone

Caleb Adams, Alto Saxophone

Brandon Smith, Bari Saxophone

Taylor Drunnond, Bass Clarinet

Kaleigh Rummell, Flute

Mackenzie Webb, Flute

Jordan Conner, Percussion

Caleb Kretzer, Percussion

Adriana Clagg, Soprano Clarinet

Pam Williams, Soprano Clarinet

Daniell Black, Soprano Clarinet

Zachary Cleary, Trombone

Alet Elliott, Trombone

Emily Chaffin, Trumpet

Taylor      Drummond      Bass Clarinet
Kaylyn      Evanich      Flute
Lauren      Dunsmore      Flute
Macenzie      Simmons      Flute
Eva      Rhodes      French Horn
Emily      Graham      Tenor Saxophone
Elizabeth      Barker      Flute
Devin      Turly      Trombone
Emily      Chaffin      Trumpet
Marshall High School Festival Band Selections: 2016
Alice Zhang Flute
Kaitlin Lovejoy Soprano Clarinet
Adriana Clagg Soprano Clarinet
Ashton Killen Alto Saxophone
Sarah Adkins Trumpet
Zachary Cleary Trombone
Skyler Cleary Trombone
Joseph Knagenhjelm Tuba
Jordan Conner Percussion
Marshall Middle School Festival Band Selections 2016:
Emily Graham Alto Saxophone
Kaylyn Evanich Flute
Mackenzie Simmons Flute
Eva Rhodes Horn
Rachel Minor Percussion
Emily Chafin Trumpet 1
Jonathon Galloway Tuba
HS 2015  Feb. 19-21
Selected Students 2015 
Kaitlyn Lovejoy, Clarinet
Sara Estep, Clarinet
Sarah Adkins, Trumpet
Zachary Cleary, Trombone
Josiah Pannell, Trombone
Joseph Knagenhjelm , Tuba
MS 2015 -- Jan. 23rd
Students Selected for 2015:
Kaleigh Rummel Flute
Isabella Carroll Flute
Jenna Eubank Clarinet
Adrianna Clagg Clarinet
Scotty Ferrell Alto saxophone
Hunter Adkins  Trumpet
Skyler Cleary  Trombone
Caleb Kretzer Percussion
I wish more had been selected. They are having 2 bands instead of three, and each band is smaller than in the past.

High School Participants 2014 :
Alto Sax      Kade    Huff      
Bassoon      Bryson  Bias   
Clarinet       Sara    Estep  
Clarinet       Kaitlin Lovejoy
Flute            Allison Stephens       
Trombone    Josiah  Pannell
Trumpet       SaraAdkins 
Trumpet       Hunter  Bragg  
Tuba             Joseph  Knagenhjelm    
Middle School Participants 2014:
Caleb   Adams                Alto Sax
Jordan  Nelson               Clarinet 
Jennifer Cremeans         Bass Clarinet 
Emma    McClendon      Trumpet
Taylor  Smith                  Trumpet
Emily   Smith                  Horn 
Alex    Elliot                     Trombone
Kayla   Koster                 Tuba
Jordan  Connor              Percussion
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