HS Band Grade Policy

HS Band Grade Policy

Fairland High School Band

Grade Policy


I.   Class Participation.

Students are required to play in class every day. You will be excused only for a doctor’s written statement that you are unable to play. Students are required to have the proper equipment in class each day. Proper equipment is whatever it takes to play your instrument [Reeds, Valve Oil, Slide Cream, sticks, mallets, neck straps, mutes, music, pencil, etc. Broken, chipped, split or otherwise un-playable reeds do not count! (Example: Lip stick coated reeds) After school rehearsals are part of your grade. Absences that are not excused will result in grade reduction as well as suspension from performances. The quality of your participation in class is evaluated daily. Just being here with your instrument and music is not enough. Examples of things that will result in grade reduction include the following: improper posture while playing (legs crossed, not sitting correctly in chair, incorrect hand position, etc.), missed entrances, lack of preparation for class, excessive noise, disrupting musical performance, not being in place at the proper time. Proper care of equipment is required. Percussion equipment must be stored as directed each day. Instruments are to be in lockers in the instrument rooms: not on the floor or on countertops. Instruments (Excepting large perc. Insts.) are not to be left out in the band room at any time. Locks are available if you want one. You MAY NOT bring your own.

II.    Test

A.  Written test as deemed necessary and appropriate.

B.    Playing test. You may be asked to perform a short example during rehearsal, Record an exercise home and/or school.  Chair auditions are held at the end of football season for all students to determine chair placement and part assignments for concert band. This test counts one third (1/3) of your 9 weeks grade. Grades are scaled by your years of experience playing your instrument. This test is AFTER SCHOOL.

 III . Performances

    All full band performances are required of all students. You will be excused by doctor’s order only. The penalty for missing any performance is a 2-letter grade reduction for the grading period. Absence from after school marching band practice will result in grade reductions as well as suspension from the half-time performance at that week’s football game. Playing in pre-game and in the stands is still required. ALL BAND students are required to perform at school assemblies, pep rallies etc. that the band performs for.

IV. Performance Dress will be:

Ladies~ Black dress pants or skirt, Black or white blouse –NO PRINTS (must have sleeves),

Black-closed toe dress shoes: No tennis/gym shoes, jeans, sandals, etc will be permitted. Students who choose not to follow the concert dress code will have their grades lowered 1 letter per incident.

Gentlemen~ Black dress pants, white dress shirt, tie, black socks, black dress shoes.

No tennis/gym shoes, jeans, sandals, etc will be permitted. Students who choose not to follow the concert dress code will have their grades lowered 1 letter per incident.    

Both men and women may wear all black – Top and Bottom.

IV. Extra Credit

           Extra credit is given for auditioning for and/or performing with Honor groups such  

           as all-county band, all-district band, all state, solo & ensemble participation etc.

V.  Grades

Grades will be calculated on a percentage system weekly. Each person begins with 100 points each week. Reductions will be given as noted above. Unless you are DNCA from the office or absent from school you must be participating in class to receive your points. Zeros are recorded for un-excused absences and or Non-Participation.  Please refer to the school attendance policy. These grades will be recorded as a weekly average each week (incl. partial weeks). Students absent more than 3 times (or DNCA) will not be given a grade for that week.

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