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Fairland Middle School Faculty & Staff Directory
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Name Position E-mail Extension
Aaron Lewis Principal[email protected]43200
Daniel Wireman Asst. Principal[email protected]43200
Kim Frasher School Counselor[email protected]43203
Teresa Jones Secretary[email protected]43200
Melissa BuchananDistrict Nurse[email protected]13123
Tonya CapertonHead Cook[email protected]44140
Dava Alt6th Reading[email protected]44109
Patti Flynn6th Math[email protected] 44119
Ashley Sullivan6th English[email protected]44120
Adam Alt6th Science[email protected]44105
Amanda Webb 6th Social Studies[email protected]44121
Stacie Smithson7th Reading [email protected]44206
Jerica Ross7th Math[email protected]44210
Kara Lewis7th Science[email protected]44213
Erika Maynard7th English[email protected]44207
Leroy Baise7th Social Studies[email protected]44205
Missy Gorby8th Reading[email protected]44127
Thayer Flynn 8th Math[email protected]44135
8th English[email protected]44128
Adam Alt8th
Danielle Hamlin8th Social Studies[email protected]44126

Chris ShewBand/Music[email protected]44142
Evan WhiteMusic[email protected]44142
Jonathan BuchananPE[email protected]44101
Angie Wireman Computers / Library[email protected]44134
Braden Ward Art[email protected]44143
Alisha Mannon6th Intervention Specialist[email protected]44115
Tiffany Hussell
6th Intervention Specialist
Kristi Seals7th Intervention Specialist[email protected]44208
Nicole Boster8th Intervention Specialist[email protected]44131
Carson Bailey6-7-8 Intervention Specialist[email protected]44132
Tesia AbrenicaSpeech-Language Pathologist[email protected] 43200
 Laura FieldsSchool Psychologist  [email protected] 43200

Mental Health Coordinator@fairland.k12.oh.us43200