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 Mr. Alt’s 6th Grade Science Packet #3 Instructions

For the last packet we will be doing a mobymax assignment.  When you login on your assignments you should see the following assignments listed:


Lesson Test: Cells

Remember to do them in that order.  If you do the lesson test 1st you will not have the knowledge needed to be successful.

If you have not been doing the mobymax assignments online I have put a paper copy in your packet.  You do not need to do the packet and the online assignment. You only need to do one of them.

If you do the assignments online the web-site will grade the assignment.  If you get a score you are not happy with you can message me on mobymax and I can reset the assignment for you to retake.  I check my messages on mobymax every day.  If you choose to do the paper packet you will only have one attempt on the assignment and will receive that score.

If you need anything else you can email me at

[email protected]


 As always, please feel free to contact me
with any questions or concerns.  

School: 886-3200

Email: [email protected]


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