College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus

What is College Credit Plus?
College Credit Plus is Ohio's dual enrollment program that allows students in grades 7-12 who qualify to take college classes that count for both high school and college credit.  Students must meet the admission standards set by the college in order to attend. Students admitted to the program will be required to perform at the college level.  This program is free to students who take college classes at any Ohio public college or university (private colleges/universities may charge a fee).  
NEWLY UPDATED 4/3/2020:  Ohio Higher Education has put out 2 documents with new guidance on CCP at (scroll down to the red COVID-19 box).  The documents extends the Letter of Intent Deadline to May 1, 2020.  Also, because students cannot take the Accuplacer at universities that are shut down, it makes some changes to the admission process.  From what I can tell, each university seems to setting some of their own admission standards AND some of them are still determining what those requirements will be.  Your options will be to either contact the university directly and ask their requirements OR go ahead and apply, then wait for them to email you the requirements.  Please read the above linked documents for further information!
UPDATE 3/25/2020:  The Ohio Legislature is currently addressing many edcuational questions related to the COVID-19 closures. Check back here, the Ohio Higher Education website, AND the CCP department at each university/college you hope to attend for updates or changes!! I will do my best to update this site as soon as I become aware of any changes:
     * Update 3/25/2020: Ohio University has extended their CCP application & testing deadlines - Summer = May 1  and   Fall = June 1  
UPDATE 3/16/2020:  I have uploaded all forms/handouts from the Parent Meeting to this website (see below).  You can still email Letters of Intent, Accuplacer scores, and signed College Application Consent Forms.  I will be forwarding them on to Universities as needed.  Please continue to check your email if you have already submitted college applications (email is the main way colleges will communicate with you).  I will be checking my school email daily (M-F) if you have any questions or you need help! 
Important Deadlines/Requirements:
**Every University/College is different - be sure to check with each school you are applying for about requirements and deadlines!!

February 13, 2020

 Informational Meeting at FHS in room 153 at 7:00pm

  April 1, 2020
Update:  May 1

 Letter of Intent turned in to Counselor
     *This form must be turned in every year - even if you have already taken 
      CCP classes
     *Students can email this form to school counselor 

May 1, 2020

NEW!!  - Ohio University Summer Deadline moved to May 1st
Fall Application Deadline:  University of Toledo

June 1, 2020

NEW!! - Ohio University Fall Deadline moved to June 1st
Helpful CCP Resources:
Spring 2020 Meeting Handouts:
     1.  CCP Packet - Includes:  PowerPoint from parent meeting, What to do Next Handout, Level 1 Courses Handout, Underperforming Students Rule Handout, Middle School Participation Handout, High School Course Substitution Handout
     2.   College Application Handouts - Includes information for Ohio University, University of Rio Grande, and the University of Toledo
     3.  Letter of Intent 
Ohio Higher Education - General Information / Guidellines for CCP
HS Graduation Course Substitution Crosswalk - How CCP classes count for High School Graduation
Middle School Course Substitution Crosswalk - How CCP classes count for Middle School 
Credit Transfer- How your college credit will transfer to other colleges
What should I do next?
ResearchEvery university and college in Ohio is required to have a website with their CCP information.  Just do a simple search with the school's name and "CCP" to find each school's site.
 Admission Requirements
NEW:  Due to the COVID-19 Shut Down, Ohio has changed the admission testing process.  Check the new law/guidelines here:  As of 4/3/2020, some universities are still clarifying what their specific admission requirements will be.  Unfortunately, counselors are not always being updated on these requirements in a timely manner.  So, it is recommended you either:
    1- Contact the university CCP department directly to ask about requirements.
    2- Go ahead and apply, then wait for an email about requirements from the university.
College Applications
University of Toledo: (click Apply Now) online application
Ohio University:  online application
 School Counselor
Meet with your middle school or high school counselor to discuss classes and graduation requirements
  College Orientation
- Ohio University:  Orientation is at the Ironton Campus, check OU's website for dates
University of Toledo:  Orientation is online through your My UT account
 Register for Classes
Ohio University:  Click here to see possible classes & times:  OU Schedule of Classes.  Email your class selections to Robert Pleasant at [email protected]  He will lift the hold on your account for a few days to give you time to log on & register for the classes.  You must follow this procedure each time you schedule or change classes.
University of Toledo:  Click here to see possible classes & times:  UT Schedule of Classes.  You can log on to your account and register for classes at any time during the registration window.  If you have questions about your classes, please contact your Success Coach (see your My UT account for more information)
Contact Mrs. Frasher for more information
     Email:  [email protected]
Please check back frequently, we will post more information as it becomes available!
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