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College Credit Plus

This website will be updated as new information from the State of Ohio & the colleges is released.  Check back frequently!

What is College Credit Plus?
College Credit Plus is Ohio's dual enrollment program that allows students in grades 7-12 who qualify to take college classes that count for both high school and college credit.  Students must meet the admission standards set by the college in order to attend. Students admitted to the program will be required to perform at the college level.  This program is free to students who take college classes at any Ohio public college or university (private colleges/universities may charge a fee).  
2024-25 College Credit Plus Informational Meetings
Fairland Local School District and Ohio University will be hosting College Credit Plus Informational Meetings. All interested students in grades 6-11 and their parents or guardians are highly encouraged to attend one of the CCP Informational Meetings at either at Fairland High School or Ohio University Southern. At these meetings we will discuss important topics such as program eligibility, guidelines, important dates, academic and social responsibilities of the student, and potential risks and benefits of the program.   Below is a list of Information meeting dates:

     February 15, 2024 - In-person Meeting at Fairland High School 6:00pm in room 153 - no pre-registration required
     February 21, 2024 - Virtual Meeting at Ohio University - must pre-register with this link:  OU Informational Meeting #1
     March 21, 2024 - Virtual Meeting at Ohio University - must pre-register with this link:  OU Informational Meeting #2

2024-25 Updated Forms and Information:
                      24-25 CCP Parent Meeting Handout & Presentation
                       24-25 Fairland Annual Notice
                       24-25 HS Crosswalk (How courses count for graduation)
                       24-25 CCP Testing Handout
                       24-25 CCP Letter of Intent-Counseling

Steps to CCP (What to do next):
Informational Meeting

*Students & parent/guardians are highly encouraged to attend one of the CCP Informational Meetings either at Fairland High School or online with Ohio University (see dates/times listed above)
Letter of Intent & Counseling Form
*Due by April 1, 2024 for entire year
*One must be filled out EVERY year (even if you have already taken college classes)
Admission Info
*Check with each university/college to learn their admission requirements & dates – They should all have a CCP website
*Apply to the university/college (s) you have chosen 

     - OU: Online Application - Fall Due by June 1, 2024

     - Toledo: Online Application - Fall Due by May 1, 2024
     - Rio Grande:  Paper application -  Fall Due by May 1, 2024

*See college specific information listed below.  If your college/university is not listed, you will need to contact the school directly for more information.
Admission Testing
Check with the university you are planning to attend for admission requirements.
    - OU: Click here to register for go to (the link does not work, it must be typed in)
    - Toledo: Click here to register for Toledo's Virtual Accuplacer Test
Transcript Request
*Request transcripts from school counselor
*Transcripts will be sent out as soon as possible, however be  sure to get requests in early to make sure colleges get them in time 
Scheduling Meeting
*Meet with school counselor to discuss schedule & graduation requirements
           prior to enrolling in CCP classes
CCP Orientation
*Attend CCP orientation for the colleges/universities you will attend
  • OU:  orientation is in person at Ohio University Southern Campus in Ironton - they will send you the information in an email or letter once you are accepted
  • Toledo:  orientation is online – they will send you the information when you are accepted
  • Rio Grande:  orientation is at Rio Grande – you will receive the dates upon acceptance to the university
Register for Classes
*After meeting with school counselor, follow college/university procedure to register for your college classes
     - OU: choose classes, email Robert Pleasant your requests,
            he will remove your “Hold” so you can register for classes
     - Toledo:  choose classes, register online for classes
      - Rio Grande:  see school counselor to register for classes
Turn in Classes
*Print class enrollment screen (with current schedule) and bring to counselor.
*High School or Middle School counselor will order your books 
*Email or bring the class textbook information to your counselor – This should include course name, course number, section number,  ISBN number, name of book, author(s), and edition
*It usually takes a week (or more if backordered) to get the books shipped to Fairland – be sure to tell the counselor your class list early to make sure your books are here on time!!
*If you have any questions, be sure to ask your counselor or college advisor/success coach!!
*Middle School:  Mrs. Frasher  886-3203 or [email protected]
*High School:  Mrs. Marshall 886-3250 or [email protected] 
                        Mrs. Snyder 886-3250 or [email protected]

Important Deadlines/Requirements:
**Every University/College is different - be sure to check with each school you are applying for about requirements and deadlines!!

February 16, 2023

 College Credit Plus Parent Meeting 6:00pm at Fairland High School

 April 1, 2023

24-25 Letter of Intent and Counseling Form  is Due
     *This form must be turned in every year - even if you have already taken 
      CCP classes
Ohio Unviersity Summer Application Due
University of Toledo Summer Application Due
May 1, 2023
University of Toledo Fall Application Due
Rio Grande Summer Application Due
May 15, 2023
Rio Grande Fall Early Admission Application Due
June 1, 2023
Ohio University Fall Application Due
May - August 2023
"Orientation" information will be mailed or emailed to you after you have been accepted by the university.  See below for more information on orientation at Ohio University and the University of Toledo

August 1, 2023

Rio Grande Fall Application Due
August 2023
Bring or email counselor a copy of your class registration so she can finalize your schedule and order your textbooks
November 1, 2023
Ohio University Spring Application Due
University of Toledo Spring Application Due
Rio Grande Spring Application Due
University Information (see important dates listed above for deadlines)
 Ohio University
 -Information Sessions:  If planning to attend their online information sessions, you must register online (please note:  this is not orientation, OU students must still attend orientation prior to registering for any classes) - See Links above
-Website:  Ohio University Southern Campus CCP Page
-Online Application:  
OU Application  -  Important:  Click College Credit Plus Application & then Regional Application
-Orientation:  OU's orientation is in-person at the Southern Campus in Ironton - you will recieve information about dates and how to register for orientation after you have been admitted to the university
-Course Offerings:  OU Schedule of Classes
-Level 1 Classes:  List of classes available to students who have not completed 15 hours
-Register for Classes:  You must email Robert Pleasant your class choices.  He will then open your registration window so that you can register online.
 University of Toledo
-Website:  University of Toledo CCP Page
University of Toledo CCP Application Information
UT Consent & Approval Form:  Must be given to counselor once you've completed the application
-Orientation:  Must be completed online after you have been accepted to the university
-Course Offerings:  UT Schedule of Classes
-Level 1 Classes:  List of classes available to students who have not completed 15 hours
-Register for Classes:  You can register for classes online after you complete orientation
Rio Grande University

Rio WHY CCP:  Why CCP.pdf
Rio CCP Checklist: Rio Grande College Credit Plus Checklist.docx
Paper Application: Rio 24-25 Application Coming Soon! 
 Complete application and return to the high school counselor

Helpful CCP Resources:
Ohio Higher Education - General Information / Guidelines for CCP
HS Graduation Course Substitution Crosswalk - How CCP classes count for High School Graduation
Credit Transfer- How your college credit will transfer to other colleges

Contact Mrs. Frasher for more information
     Email:  [email protected]
Please check back frequently, we will post more information as it becomes available!