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Child Abuse Prevention Curriculum

Child Abuse Prevention Training (ORC 3310.60)
Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, schools are required by law (ORC 3310.60) to provide developmentally appropriate instruction in different health related topics related to abuse.  Students in grades K-6 will be provided instruction on child abuse prevention.  While grade 7-12 students will be given education on dating violence prevention and sexual violence prevention, that includes recognizing dating violence warning signs and characteristics of healthy relationships. 

Required curriculum will be based on the guidelines from the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce website, which can be found here:  ODEW Child Abuse & Violence Prevention Site.  An outline of the district's curriculum can be found here:  Fairland Abuse Outline. This Curriculum will be delivered annually by building staff who have been trained as required by law.  As per state law, parents/guardians may choose to opt their student out of this curriculum.  A parent notification form was sent home with each student.