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Spring 2020
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8TH Grade Science
                           Calculator will be used sometimes. 


 Safety Rules Must be Turned in with student and parent signature.                            This is due Aug. 27th, last Day.                                                                                                     Safety Rules and Regulations are School Rules & State Law. Safety Rules & Regulations must be gone over by the teacher and signed by the student and parent.   A Quiz is given until the student passes the quiz.   

                            The Year                                                                          2020                                                                                    
                                               March 16 -  April 3   
                Please, when turning                               your work in please put your name and                   the class period on your work!!! 
                                               This part id due April 6th    
                                    * 8th Grade ON APRIL 6TH 
                                                                   March 16th through April 3  
                               Next Packet drop off and pick up   May 4th 
                                      The students are aware the first 4 assignemnts are on common Lit. or in the packet. 
                                    The student has the option to do it oncommon Lit. or do what was in the packet, it is the same assignment.
March 16 -  April 3 
 The week of March 16th 
The first Assignment is to read the article  
 1. Who is Katherine Johnson? (PS.68.8a,c PS.69.a and ESS.68)
Then answer the questions 
Review and double check answers.  
 The Students have been given a packet that contains all of their assignments for for the next 3 weeks.
 There are 4 assignements in Science for the next several weeks.   
1. Who is Katherine Johnson? (PS.68.8a,c PS.69.a and ESS.68)
2. Plate Tectonics: Moving and Shaking?
(ESS.68.8a, b,c)
3. Scientist Clone Human Embroyos to
make Stem Cells (LS.68.10A B and C)
4.Immunity:T cells  (LS.68.9 a,, and )
All of the work needs to be finished by April 3 and turned in  April 6 the day we come back.
The letters and numbers between ( )
This is the State standard, domain and cluster for the lesson and concept of lesson. 
The students have also been given practice questions for State Testing. They have been given a total of about 60 questions. The questions and the answers are provided. This would be a great time for the students to prepare for state testing. The students just need study the questions, how they are worded, read the questions, what is it asking, reflect on the question and answer.  
Week of March 23 Read the article and answer the questions 
2. Plate Tectonics: Moving and Shaking?
(ESS.68.8a, b,c)
Week of March 30th Read the articles and answer the Questions
3. Scientist Clone Human Embroyos to
make Stem Cells (LS.68.10A B and C)
Week of April 1 Read the articles and answer the answer questions 4.Immunity:T cells  (LS.68.9 a,, and )
                                                                April 6th - May 1 
                                                                            This will be due May 1st 
8th grade Science  In the packet you will find Typed out notes and you will find 5 written Assignments. 
April 6th
 Review the notes about substances and mixtures 
Subsatnce and pure substance  
Please Read the notes, they will help you answer the questions 
If you have problems google it, or Look on you tube. 
7th Mixtures - homgenus mixtures This will cover an introduction to Chemistry The Atom, Parts of the Atom, Periodic Table, How a chemical bond is formed. 
8th Mixtures -  heterogeneous mixture
9th Seperation - Filtration and distillation
10thAnswer the questions 
8th grade Science Second set of questions  
April 13th 
 What are the different particles of an Atom
Ever element has a unique number called the Atomic number which is the number of protons, this tells us the identity of the element such as   H, He ,Li, O etc.
How were the particles discovered and by who
Rutherfords gold foil - nucleus
 The nucleus has a positive charge and in the center of the atom 
The positive charge comes from the  nucleus having more protons than electrons
Proton neutron electron
 If the electron moves to a higher energy level the atom has gained energy. As the elctron falls to a lower energy level it will release the energy in the form of light and heat
Thomson discovered the elctron 
Electrons are the only particle that can move out of or into the atom. this is how atoms become stable. The moving electrons give some atoms the abiltiy to conduct electricity  
15th Nucleus contains the protons and neutrons The charge of each partile and weight of each particle  If you subtract the mass number from the atomic number you get the number of neutrons  
Atomic number protons only , mass number protons + neutrons together
Sometimes an atom can have a different number of neutrons which is an isotope
If the mass number is odd that tells you the number of nuetrons will be an odd number 
The p and n do not always equal each other  
Electrons, Electron Cloud, energy levels. 
To make it simple, electrons will be lost gained or shared to be stable.  
Answer second set of questions. and the 4th set of questions 
8th grade Science Second set of questions  
Phase changes solid, liquid and gas 
Temperature and volume 
what happens with each phase, if the temp. changes. 
A phase change can be a physical change if it can be reverseible   
solid to a gas sublimation
gas to solid depostion 
liquid to gas vaporization 
gas to liquid condensation  
21 sublimation, vapozation, melting, freezing, condensation, deposition 
If a container is a fixed size and  is filled with more particles the pressure goes up and if you take particles out the pressure goes down  or if its like a ballon it will get bigger 
22 condensation, deposition, sublimation, vapozation
23 Answer Questions set 3
24 Review the notes, questions and answers 
 April 27 - May 1
8th grade Science 
Metals can be ductile malleable or brittle and good conductors of energy. As you go across the periodic table these are periods.
If you go down the periodic table these are columns or Groups  and the atom usually becomes more reactive especially the first and 7th coulmns.  
28 The reason an atom wants to react is due to the number of electrons and the atom wants to be stable like a spinning top or something balancing. so, it will lose or gain electrons to become stable  
Group 7 is very reactive also like Group 1
Group 8 most stable elements  
30 Answer questions set 5
1  Review your work and make sure everything is complete. 
                                                May 4-8 
8th grade Science
Assignment 1 Atom 
Read the material provided  
4 Answer the questions to Assign. 1 the atom  
5 Review the material and double check questions and answers to Assign 1  
Assignment 2 Atom 
Read the material provided 
Compounds are made up of 2 or more types of different atoms. 
If it 2 atoms and it is the same type of Atom the it is called a diatomic molecule such as Oxygen -O2 
7 Answer the questions to Assign. 2 the solid liquid gases 
                                                May 11-15
8th grade Science 
11  Review the material and double check questions and answers to Assign 2  Solid liquids gases  Phases changes are a physical change, If anything can go back and forth between solid, liuid or a gas it is a phisical change 
Assignment 3 Molecules   
Read the material provided 
If something is burned or if it rusts it is considered to be a chemical change 
13 Answer the questions to Assign.3 the Molecules Molecules are made up of the same type of atom or if 2 or more types of atoms are a nonmetal whic are found on the right side of the periodic table then tthat we be considered a molecule also. 
14 Review the material and double check questions to Assign 3
15 Review the material Atom, Solid Liquid, Gaeses, Molecules 
                                                        May 18-20
 Make sure everything is turned 
19 Enter grades 
The students will know about a test at least 1 week ahead of time, they will be given all the information needed for test. If a student would fail a test it is because they did not study.
It is not the same for a quiz, a quiz could be announced or announced.
There is a chance it could be on the this web page but not be announced, who knows maybe the answers may appear on this page also, before a quiz, every now and then. 

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