Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson

5th Grade Reading

Please check agenda book daily for changes to homework.  Classwork not completed in class will be homework.



We are introduced daily to a new idiom.  When we reach #80 we will have a quiz on idioms 51 - 80.

"Read "Blancaflor"  from textbook. Page 118
Comprehension test on Thursday.




"Read "Blancaflor"  from textbook. Page 118
Comprehension test on Thursday.

"Read "Blancaflor"  from textbook. Page 118
Comprehension test on Thursday.


"Blancaflor" - Comprehension Test

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     Welcome to 5th grade!  We are looking forward to our upcoming school year!  It promises to be an exciting, but different year for your child.

     We are departmentalized in fifth grade, so your child will have several teachers.  Of course, each student has just one homeroom teacher, but different subject area teachers. Fifth grade teachers include:  Mrs. Breen – Science, Mr. Fuller - Math, Mr. Roberts – Social Studies, Mrs. Patrick– Language Arts,  Ms. Thompson – Reading,  Mrs. Black, Mrs. Dement and Mrs. Casto - Intervention Specialists.  The ease in which your child adapts to the new schedule and different teachers will pleasantly surprise you.  Each teacher has specific requirements for his or her subject area.  We have listed the requirements below so that you can be ready for school to begin.  Mechanical pencils, metal water bottles and fidget toys are not permitted in 5th grade classesThese can become distractions during class.  Regular pencils and red lead pencils are needed for each class.

Mrs. Patrick -Language:  Thread bound composition notebook, loose leaf paper, regular pencils, sturdy folder with pockets, 1 pink pearl eraser

Mr. Fuller - Math: 3 ring binder- 1 1/2", 5 binder dividers, loose leaf notebook paper, dry erase markers, pencils- not mechanical, red pens/red lead, colored pencils.

Mr. Roberts - Social Studies: 3 subject notebook, sturdy folder, colored pencils

Mrs. Breen - Science:  Five Subject spiral notebook, pencils, and art supplies, a composition notebook for Science Fair.  A folder for Science papers.

Ms. Thompson - Reading Class:  1 composition notebook, highlighters, sturdy pocket folder

    A small zippered pouch with red lead pencils, regular pencils and extra erasers are needed for each class.  Each homeroom teacher still asks that the students have the simple art supplies in a zippered art pouch (4 glue sticks, scissors, crayons or colored pencils) to be carried to all classes, plenty of pencils, wet wipes and tissues, tissues, tissues! No pencil boxes, as these do not travel well when changing classes.

     We hope this list helps you prepare for a great school year.  We are looking forward to it and hope you are also.


Fifth Grade Teachers


A guide for teachers and parents

 IXL’s SmartScore is a unique scoring system designed to give the best possible information on students’ true understanding of a skill. Unlike a percentage score, SmartScore takes into account several factors, including questions answered correctly and incorrectly, question difficulty, recent answers, and consistency.  


How it works
Learning and Practicing (0-80)
From 0-80, we consider students to be learning and practicing
a skill. As they build confidence in these early stages of a skill,
there will be large SmartScore increases for correct answers
and low penalties for incorrect answers.

Achieving Proficiency (80-90)
From 80-90, students are refining their skills and building from
mid-level to high-level rigor questions. By the time a student
reaches a SmartScore of 90, they have achieved “excellence”
by showing they are consistently capable of working through
high-rigor questions. We often recommend 80 or 90 as a good
goal to set for students.

At a SmartScore of 90, students enter the Challenge Zone. Questions in this stage will be rigorous, and students must prove that
they can consistently answer these questions correctly in order to achieve mastery (100). Throughout the Challenge Zone,
SmartScore increases for correct answers will be small (1-2 points) and penalties for incorrect answers will be larger (3-8 points).
Students will need to answer as many as 10 questions correctly in a row to achieve mastery.
For most skills on IXL, students will have to complete a minimum of 28 questions to earn a SmartScore of 100. When a student
achieves a score of 100 on IXL, you can feel confident that they have truly mastered that skill.



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