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Extended Learning Plan

Extended Learning Plan

Fairland Local School District - Extended Learning Plan:

  1. Impacted Students:

    • Students that have been quarantined one or more times during the school year.

    • Students that have met attendance thresholds for truancy.

    • Students that are failing multiple course classes for the year or required classes for graduation.

  2. Needs

    • FLSD students need to be proficient in the Ohio's Learning Standards and will use multiple methods to measure proficiency including,  but not limited to: performance on District Approved Assessments, Restart Readiness Assessments, Benchmark Testing, Check points,  Statewide Standardized Tests, Standards Checklists,  Curriculum-Based Assessments, Quarterly grades in core subject areas

    • Identified learning gaps and needs will be addressed using multiple methods including, but not limited to; after school tutoring and intervention programs, summer school credit recovery.  

  3. Partnerships:

    • We will coordinate with relevant partners to support academic success (ie. NECCO, Lawrence County ESC, Ohio University Southern, Impact Prevention, Proctorville Library, Huntington Museum of Art) 

  4. Alignment: 

    • This plan aligns to the At-Risk student plan for graduation purposes.  We will use the At-Risk plan to help identify and track students for high school graduation.

  5. Extended opportunities: 

    • We will continue to make accessible the following: gifted intervention, College  Credit Plus classes, College Prep classes, AP courses, extended academic opportunities such as Science Fair, Power of the Pen, Quiz Bowl, Spelling Bee and after school enrichment.

  6. Social and Emotional: 

    • We will address the social and emotional needs of our students and provide services as needed using one or more of the following resources;  district social worker available for referrals, NECCO Behavioral Health maintains weekly hours at each school, guidance counselors available in each school, small group available conducted by NECCO and/or district social worker, PBIS program and strategies implemented to assist in increasing social-emotional learning for all students, PBIS School to home extension plans.