Supply List

Supply List

6th, 7th and 8th GRADE SUPPLY LIST FOR 2018-2019

Mrs. McConnell (6th grade math):
  1. Loose leaf Notebook paper
  2. #2 Lead Pencils
  3. Threadbound composition notebook
  4. 2 inch binder
  5. 5 tab dividers
  6. Highlighters  (two colors)
  7. Red pen
Ms. Long (6th grade Science):
  1. 3 ring binder (1/2 to 1 inch)
  2. Loose leaf notebook paper
  3. red pens
  4. #2 pencils (not mechanical)
Mrs. Ross (6th grade Social Studies)
1. Composition Notebook
2. Glue Stick
3. Colored Pencils
4. #2 Pencils
5. Red or Blue Ink Pens
Ms. Cline (6th grade English)

5 folder (with brads in middle)
Composition Notebook
1 pkg of 50  3x5 notecards
red ink pens
both loose leaf paper and notebook paper
1 pkg Expo Markers
One old sock to use as eraser
Ms. Speed (7th grade English)
  1.  2 inch three ring binder
  2. 5 tab dividers
  3. college ruled loose leaf paper
  4. pencils
  5. red pens  
  6. highlighter

 Mrs. Frasher (7th grade math)

  1. 12 pk Colored pencils 
  2. Composition notetbook
  3. highlight markers - any color 
  4. several pencils 
  5. loose leaf notebook paper - college rule preferred 
  6. calculator - Texas Instruments: IT-30xa

Mrs. Smithson (7th grade Reading Class) 

  1. composition notebook 
  2. loose leaf paper 
  3. The book,  Hatchet   by Gary Paulsen

Mr. Baise (7th grade Social Studies) 

  1. 5 subject notebook 

Science (7th grade teacher TBA)


Miss Gorby (8th grade reading):
  1. 2 composition notebooks (not plastic cover)
  2. colored pencils
  3. plastic pencil sharpener
  4. glue sticks (several)
  5. loose leaf paper
  6. highlighter
  7. red grading pens
  8. pencils
  9. note cards  (100)
  10. scissors
  11. tissues and hand sanitizer are always good additions
  12. Book -  The Boy in the Striped Pajamas  by John Boyne
  13. Book - Night  by Elie Wiesel
Mrs. Hamlin (8th grade English/Writing)

  2 1/2 " 3 ring binder (for use in my class only)
  6 tab dividers
  Loose leaf paper:  college ruled is best
  Red Pens
  Post it notes
 Book - To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (will need on the first day of school)
Art supplies:  colored pencils, glue(li quid and stick), scissors
A pencil bag of some kind to carry from class to class
Flash drive (IMPORTANT) 
Mr. Frasher (8th grade Math)
Calculator - Texas Instrument TI-30xa


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