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4th period planning

October 12 - 16, 2020

10th               Read the last two articles on the Hatfield McCoy feud.  One on a genetic
                      disorder and the other on how the two families created a truce.  
                      Bring your literature books tomorrow.
                      Students at home:  Write a five sentence minimum summary of each article.

CP2               Review the feedback provided on your notes, outline, and introductory
                      paragraph and revise/retype as needed.   Write the first body paragraph
                      using Outlier notes.  Write the second body paragraph using any source
                      that provides info on the Civil War issues between the families.  This work is
                      due tomorrow.

11th              Discuss the quiz from Friday on Act I of The Crucible.  Continue listening /
                     reading Act II.  Quiz tomorrow on Act II.

10th              Read "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant" and answer the question.

CP2             Turn in the intro and the second and third body paragraphs for your research 
                    paper at the beginning of class.  Write the fourth body paragraph and begin                           the fifth.   Both of these paragraphs are due Thursday at the beginning of class
                    or before the class time.

11th             Quiz on Act II of The Crucible.  Begin Act III. 


10th             Complete the work on subject / verb agreement and submit.

CP2             The third and fourth body paragraphs of your research paper are due                                       tomorrow, Thursday.  

11th              Finish Acts III and IV - Test Friday on both acts at the beginning of your class.

10th             Review the key / answers on subject / verb agreement.
                    Complete the work on No Red Ink on subject / verb agreement

CP2             Google meet at the beginning of each class period.  Your third and fourth body                     paragraphs are due today.  Create a new document that is the final copy of  
                    research paper.  Revise according to all feedback.  Proofread to catch                                     mistakes and further develop your paragraphs.  

11th            Finish The Crucible.  Test Friday on Acts III and IV at the beginning of class.

10th           Complete the No Red Ink work on subject / verb agreement.  

CP2            Revise any / all returned work on your research paper.  Copy the revised                                paragraphs onto a document that you title "Final."  By Monday at 3:00, you
                   should have an introductory paragraph and four body paragraphs in your                              "final" with no mistakes.  Your fifth and sixth paragraphs are due Tuesday at                          the beginning of class.

11th            Test today on Acts III and IV of The Crucible.

October 5 - 9, 2020

10th               Read the chapter in your Google Classroom titled Great Feuds in History.
                      Tomorrow, we will learn how to cite information from this source.

CP2                Read the government document in Google Classroom and take notes on
                       any information that may explain the Hatfield / McCoy feud.

11th               Read pages 132-137 about The Crucible.  Define the vocabulary words in the
                       shaded box on 135 using the glossary in the back of the book (pg. R131).
                       Write a sentence for each one using a context clue.  Turn in the work when
                       the bell rings.

10th               Take notes and learn to cite information from a source (Great Feuds...).

CP2                Review how to turn notes into sentences for the Hatfield / McCoy research
                       paper.  Review how to write an introductory paragraph and an outline for
                       the paper.

11th                View part of a documentary on the Salem Witch Trails.  We being reading / 
                       listening to The Crucible tomorrow.

10th                Continue learning how to take notes and turn them into sentences.

CP2                Notes on the government document, an introductory paragraph, and
                       an outline are due today at the end of the period.

11th                View 10 minutes of the History Channel documentary on the Salem Witch 
                       Trials.  Begin reading / listening to The Crucible.

10th                Continue learning how to take notes and turn them into sentence with
                        a source: Great Feuds....

CP2                 Record citations for the last two sources.  Read the sources and take notes
                        in fragment form and include page numbers.  The notes are due at the end of
                        the period tomorrow.

11th                 View 10 minutes of the History Channel Salem Witch Trials.  Begin reading / 
                        listening Act I of The Crucible.

10th                 Finish notes then create paragraphs with citations.  Due to internet issues,
                        submit Sunday by midnight.  

CP2                 Finish note-taking on the last two sources then submit on or before the

11th                 Finish Act I of The Crucible.   (Pop quiz)         

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