District 17 Honor Band

District 17 Honor Band

OMEA District 17 All-District Band

 Fairland Students

Middle School:     Marie Watson 1st Chair, Emma Barnette 5th Chair, Emily Riggio 6th Chair- Flute, Isabella Kimball - 1st Chair Clarinet, Melanie Pine 1st Chair, Maddie Adkins 4th Chair - Alto Saxophone,     Evan King - Tenor Saxophone 1st Chair , Kathryn Bell -  9th ChairTrumpet, Corina Clagg - 1st Chair Euphonium   

High School: Macenzie Simmons, Kaylyn Evanich, Lauren Dunsmore, Elizabeth Barker, Taylor Drummond,  Emily Chaffin, Will Baird, Eva Rhodes, Madisom Wilson Devin Turley, Ethan Blatt

Personnel List 

All District Band Selections 2019

Kaleigh Rummel   1st Chair Flute
Kaylyn Evanich 4th Chair Flute
Alice Zhang 7th Chair Flute
Mackenzie Simmons 9th Chair Flute
Jenna Eubank  2nd Chair Clarinet
Adriana Clagg 4th Chair Clarinet
Bailey Frasher 12th Chair Clarinet
Scotty Ferrell 2nd Chair Alto Saxophone
Samir Atai  7th Chair Alto Saxophone
Caleb Forrest 2nd Chair Trumpet
Cammeron Midkiff 4th Chair Trumpet
AJ Blatt  6th Chair Trumpet
Will Baird 7th Chair Trumpet
Danni Atai 11th Chair Trumpet
Eva  Rhodes 4th Chair Horn
Devin Turley 12th Chair Trombone
Jonathon Elliott 2nd Chair Euphonium
Seth Leist 4th Chair Euphonium
Jon Galloway 3rd Chair Tuba
Rachel Minor  6th Chair Percussion
Caleb Kretzer 8th Chair Percussion

All-District Band 2018 Selections  
Kaleigh Rummel 3rd Chair Flute
Alice Zhang 7th Chair Flute
Kaylyn Evanich 12 th Chair Flute  
Adriana Clagg 2nd Chair Clarinet
Jenna Eubank  4 th Chair Clarinet
Caleb Forest 2nd Chair Trumpet  
Cameron Midkiff  5th Chair Trumpet
AJ Blatt 10th Chair Trumpet
Eva Rhodes 3rd Chair Horn
Alex Elliott  4 th Chair Trombone 
Seth Leist 2nd Chair Euphonium
 Johnny Elliott 5 th Chair Euphonium  
Scotty Ferrell 1st Chair Alto Saxophone
Samir Atai 3rd  Chair Alto Saxophone
 Caleb Kretzer 8th Chair Percussion   
2017 Audition Results  (Complete 2017 Personnel List)
Fairland Students 2017

Fairland Students Selected to the All-District Band

Kaleigh Rummel- 2nd Chair Flute
Alice Zhang- 7th Chair Flute
Kaylyn Evanich- 11th Chair Flute
Katrina Abbott- 13th Chair Flute
Jenna Eubank- 2nd Chair Clarinet
Adriana Clagg- 5th Chair Clarinet
Scotty Ferrell- 1st Chair Alto Saxophone
Ashton Killen-3rd Chair Alto Saxophone
Tyler Elliot- 1st Chair Tenor Saxophone
Brandon Smith- 1st Chair Baritone Saxophone
Caleb Forest- 2nd Chair Trumpet
Cameron Midkiff- 7th Chair trumpet
AJ Blatt- 11th Chair Trumpet
Eva Rhodes- 7th Chair Horn
Zackery Cleary- 1st Chair trombone
Alex Elliot- 6th Chair Trombone
Jonathan Elliot- 1st Chair Euphonium
Jordan Conner- 3rd Chair Percussion
Caleb Kretzer- 7th Chair percussion

District 17 All-District Band 2016
  Fairland Students Selected:
First Name Last Name Instrument Chair
Mckenna Aqusanta Flute 5
Alice Zhang Flute 7
Kaleigh Rummel Flute 10
Jenna Eubank Clarinet 4
Kaitlin Lovejoy Clarinet 6
Adrianna Clagg Clarinet 9
Scotty Ferrell Alto Saxophone 3
Ashton Killen Alto Saxophone 6
Tyler Elliot Tenor Saxophone 2
Brandon Smith Bari Saxophone 1
Caleb Forrest Trumpet 4
Hunter Bragg Trumpet 6
Taylor Smith Trumpet 11
Zachery Cleary Trombone 1
Alex Elliot Trombone 9
Joseph Kngenhjelm Tuba 1
District HB Information 2015
All-District Audition Results   (Full Band List)
   McKenna Acqusanta 3rd Chair Flute
   Sara Estep 8th Chair Clarinet
   Kaitlin Lovejoy 10th Chair Clarinet
   Bryson Bias 1st Chair Bassoon
   Ashton Killen 2nd Chair Alto Saxophone
   Tyler Elliot  1st Chair Tenor Saxophone
   Brandon Smith 2nd Chair Baritone Saxophone 
   Hunter Bragg 2nd Chair Trumpet
   Sarah Adkins 5th Chair Trumpet
   Josiah Pannell 3rd Chair Trombone
   Zachary Cleary 11th Chair trombone
   Joseph Kngenhjelm- 1st Tuba
Rehearsals and Concert
March 6 and 7th
Link to All-District Music and Sound Files -- https://sites.google.com/a/athenscsd.org/d17honorband/


Fairland Students Selected
: 2014 Honor Band
2nd flute and some piccolo Allison Stephens
6th flute McKenna Acquasanta
5th clarinet Sara Estep
7th clarinet Kaitlin Lovejoy
4th bass clarinet Bridgett Perry
1st bassoon Bryson Bias
4th alto sax Kade Huff...
5th alto sax Ashton Killen
2nd tenor sax Trey Mandt
3rd tenor sax Tyler Elliot
2nd trumpet Hunter Bragg
13th trumpet Sarah Adkins
6th trombone Zachary Cleary
2nd baritone Jacob Nichols
4th tuba Joseph Knagenhjelm
Congrats to everyone who Auditioned. 268 students auditioned. 88 were selected for the band. I know many fine players did not get selected
 The PDF below is the complete list of students selected for the band
Complete Personnel List (PDF) - Complete Personnel List
http://filecabinet2.eschoolview.com/050E1BA2-F03E-45B3-918D-2E1B42ECDB66/District 17 Honor Band - List of Students 2014.pdf
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